Tennessee Texan

Hello again! Long time no see. I know it's been ages since I've updated you on my progress along the road to my MFA. I apologize for the lengthy absence. I have truly been busy. Since my last update I got through another Tennessee Christmas without seeing my family in Texas and went back to Kentucky … Continue reading Tennessee Texan



Every morning at work part of my responsibilities includes putting out new balloons to welcome new prospects to the property. For the most part I get to choose what colors to inflate. Just so long as what I choose is inside the package of balloons within the office. I tend to like bold, bright colors … Continue reading BALLOONS

Road Warrior

I have a million and one things I should be doing, but the only thing (besides writing) that sounds remotely interesting is taking another road trip. My road trip warrior partner is all tripped out, but my heart yearns to see something new even though Tennessee is beautiful this time of year. About this time … Continue reading Road Warrior

Here We Go Again

I survived another residency and I'm glad to be home - sort of. Before I get into all the bitter-sweetness of driving back to TN let me first tell you about my latest residency. It amazes me how they can pack so much into nine days. Towards the end my brain was turning to mush … Continue reading Here We Go Again

Long Time No See

It has been a good while since my last post - I missed the entire month of October. Man what an excruciating month that was. In October, I was preparing to submit my third annotation which included two short stories I'd been working on. My mentor wanted me to get in touch with my emotions … Continue reading Long Time No See

What Doesn’t Kill You

My daughter's biggest fear upon learning that I'd been accepted into an MFA creative writing program was that I would lose my creativity in the midst of format and rules. I promised her that I would never let that happen, and vowed to be true to myself. My first mentor and I really seemed to … Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You