Broken Rides

Hello Friends! Since we last spoke I've been struggling to overcome my passive-aggressive mentor-relationship (as I like to call it). I can't tell you how many times I've re-read her comments on my last annotation packet looking for something, anything to change my pattern of thinking about her. The funny thing I realized is although … Continue reading Broken Rides



I've heard it said many times that "Home Is Where The Heart Is". If that is the case then what tells your heart that it has found the place to call home? Is it familiarity? Friends? A sense of comfort? Possibly it is none of these. I'm asking, because although Tennessee has been nice, I'm not sure … Continue reading Home

What Doesn’t Kill You

My daughter's biggest fear upon learning that I'd been accepted into an MFA creative writing program was that I would lose my creativity in the midst of format and rules. I promised her that I would never let that happen, and vowed to be true to myself. My first mentor and I really seemed to … Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You