Gotta Love Paducah

In two days I leave Tennessee for my second residency in Kentucky at MSU. At this point I have no earthly idea how I’m supposed to fit two cat carriers, one large dog carrier, one bird cage, all their luggage (food, toys, etc.), and twelve pieces of luggage (of various) sizes into a Taurus. Sure it’s only an hour and forty minute drive there, but ten days is a long time for a female and yes, I already downsized. Tomorrow we’re going to do a test run and see if it all fits and if not, I’m calling U-Haul and I swear I’m going to hitch one of them to the back of my car. Lord please make it all fit.

As far as the residency itself goes, I’m feeling numb (not quite excited, but not bummed either) about it which doesn’t exactly please me. I should feel something right? I think I’m just really overwhelmed with school at the moment and the whole residency thing is just bad timing.

This was the first time I took at two week literature class and I never will again. Actually this entire summer school thing is something I would have rather done in the fall or spring. Since this is my first time as a graduate student I’m not accustomed to things just rolling ahead. I’m more used to having an option to attend summer classes. It’s not MSU or ISU that’s causing the stress, but graduate school in general, but I think it has been kicking me in the pants for long enough. I’m ready to once again be the leader and not be led by my classes. Or at least I’d love for God to just take the wheel – unlike me he knows exactly what he’s doing.

I’m also still job hunting and writing. My friends keep asking how I plan to work while attending school. Well I don’t know exactly it just is what it is. On one hand it would be nice to just sit home and write all day, but who is going to pay the bills? On the other hand I’d love to try my hand at a communications position and really use my undergraduate degree. I loved my internships and the thought of having benefits and a steady paycheck as well as create new things daily is exciting. I actually enjoy working. Last night I applied for my dream job, so keep your fingers crossed, send up a prayer, and cross your toes and eyes too if you think it will help. I really need a job.

Since my last post I’ve been preparing to submit a memoir-type writing for a contest. It will be my first time submitting to a contest. The prize is $1,000 which is nice, but even if there were no prize the opportunity to possibly win and have something published is exciting and challenging.

I don’t think I’ve done more on the novel since we last spoke. My two week class unexpectedly required me to read five books in two weeks and make discussion board posts. My professor is a gem, but can we say “NIGHTMARE” for the time line?

I don’t know what I was thinking. Add that to the Criminal Profiling course I’m taking as well and it all borders on being unreasonable. Yes, I know I don’t have to be Super Woman, but I just love productivity and the idea that once I’m finished with everything, in addition to the pieces of paper I get to hang on the wall in nice frames, I’ll have accomplished a goal and that makes it all worth it!

The memoir piece I’m working on needs a lot of editing, and I haven’t begun to think about what piece I’ll read at workshop (one more thing I have to think about). Actually I’m still thinking about those asiago cheese bagels and the warm atmosphere of the coffee shop I can’t wait to visit. The MSU campus is beautiful as well and I will get to see the friendly faces of all the folks along for this journey with me.

I have absolutely no idea where we’re headed, but it sure is one heck of a ride so far. Feel free to climb aboard if you like.

Until next time : )