A Little Progress Never Hurts

I can't remember where I originally saw this picture, but it was probably somewhere on one of those encouragement posters you see. You know the ones that tell you though the road may be long, and though you feel lost to keep going? Sometimes I just want to jump inside one of those posters and … Continue reading A Little Progress Never Hurts


Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

I promised you an update on my residency, but must admit is is a few days late. We returned on Saturday and I hit my bed and remained there throughout much of the next day. Yesterday I finally put the clothes back where they belonged and this morning I emptied the last bag which contained all of … Continue reading Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Sorry Willie, But I Really CAN Wait To Get On The Road Again

In two days I leave Tennessee for my second residency in Kentucky at MSU. At this point I have no earthly idea how I'm supposed to fit two cat carriers, one large dog carrier, one bird cage, all their luggage (food, toys, etc.), and twelve pieces of luggage (of various) sizes into a Taurus. Sure … Continue reading Sorry Willie, But I Really CAN Wait To Get On The Road Again